The membership of the Group comprises accountants and managers of pension schemes, together with practitioners in the actuarial, accountancy and consultancy professions. It, therefore, represents a very broad cross-section of pensions expertise.
Access the latest PRAG booklets online, including financial reports of the pension scheme, the SORP, Guidance issued in January 2016 on the implementation of amendments to FRS102 and more.
PRAG has working parties considering various subjects. Certain subjects are ongoing and “standing” working parties continue to operate to deal with various issues as they arise from time to time.

Welcome to the PRAG website

Pensions Research Accountants Group (“PRAG”) is a leading independent industry body working for the development of occupational pensions schemes, with focus on financial reporting and internal control. PRAG is a body of accountants and professionals working in the pensions industry. We are the body recognised by the Financial Reporting Council for the publication of the accounting guidance through the Pensions Statement of Recommended Practice (“SORP”) which is a significant focus of our activities. We also issue guidance on other topical areas and respond to consultations on areas affecting occupational pension schemes.

Joining PRAG is the best way of influencing the future development of the financial reporting by pension schemes and of contributing to the development of best practice in financial management and governance of pension schemes.


The other main benefits of your joining PRAG are:

  • Keeping up to date through having access to all of PRAG’s guidance and responses to consultation publications including the SORP
  • Demonstrating your thought leadership and sharing your innovative ideas through taking part in the PRAG working parties.
  • Networking opportunities with hundreds of fellow pensions industry professionals at our two conferences a year
  • Opportunities to share and discuss common issues with other administrators and auditors at the annual workshop.

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