PRAG Officials & Executive Committee Members

Shona Harvie

Chair / Auditor

Jeff Highfield

Company Secretary / Pension Protection fund

Mike Young

President / Founder

Gerard Weide

Funding Officer / Third Party Administrator

Lydia Song

Website Development Officer / Custodian

Mark Hedges

Director of PRAG

Andrew Mansell

Director of PRAG

Mike Hammer

Press Officer / Actuary

Ian Gault


Michael Do

Director of PRAG

Andy Chambers

Publication Officer / In-House Pension

Anne Rodriguez

Events Officer / Auditor

Rebecca Bush

Treasurer / Third Party Administrator

Bruce Pickering

It is with great sadness that the PRAG Executive have to inform you that Bruce Pickering passed away on 14 May 2021. Many past and current members of PRAG will remember Bruce who was a Director of the PRAG Executive Board for 32 years. Over those years, Bruce was involved in many key activities of PRAG. In particular, he oversaw the printing and publication process for the regular series of reports that PRAG issued, which until relatively recently were all hard copy – no small task. He also researched issues, making sure that he was always up to date with the technical aspects, he could be relied on to identify the nub of any problem that PRAG were discussing. As a member of the Executive he was a regular attendee at PRAG conferences and many members will have met him at these events and enjoyed his company. Bruce stepped down from the PRAG a few years ago following an illness. Bruce often talked about his wider interests in politics, in education and, of course, his beloved cricket! The PRAG Executive would like to put on record their thanks to Bruce for his significant contributions to PRAG over many years. The PRAG Executive sends it condolences to his family on behalf of the whole of PRAG.