The membership of the Group comprises accountants and managers of pension schemes, together with practitioners in the actuarial, accountancy and consultancy professions. It, therefore, represents a very broad cross-section of pensions expertise.

Membership is on an individual basis and any individual willing to support the Group may become a member. Many organisations have more than one member. The total membership is over 250.

Membership costs £55 per annum (£12 if unwaged).

The Group is always looking for new members since a constant stream of new ideas and enthusiasm is needed if PRAG is to continue to produce high calibre reports for which it is renowned.

The Main Benefits of membership are the opportunities to:

  • Have access to free or subsidized copies of the Group’s publications;
  • Stay ahead of the game through taking part in one or more of the many working parties;
  • Attend meetings with fellow professionals in the pensions industry.
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